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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 9, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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road, these folks are getting the road ready for you. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. a crash in livermore. we will show you what's heading up for 580. oracle arena, almost thursday, may 9th. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. good morning, everybody. we start with breaking news in the south bay. san jose police right now investigating an early morning stabbing. this all happened near the corner of kurtner and lee avenue. that's where "today in the bay" marla tallez is live. >> reporter: we just got brand new information from san jose police who tell us the stabbing happened in this particular neighborhood in the cambrian district. right behind us is doerr park.
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the stabbing took place a few blocks away. a 21-year-old man trying to celebrate his 21st birthday. it was a small house party for him. what did he get for his birthday? well, he got stabbed several times by somebody who was supposed to be his friend. his 20-year-old friend of san jose's peter brunetto is now in custody. they got into some sort of fight about 1:15 this morning. the 21-year-old victim was stabbed several times and taken to the hospital by one of his other buddies. self-transported to the hospital. 20-year-old peter brunetto took off to doerr park. >> we got information he might be here in the park and set up a perimeter and went house to house, yard to yard and found him in the pool area of this park here at doerr. >> reporter: for about three hours, brunetto alluded police but was taken into custody about
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4:15. police tell me he is now downtown getting questions. the pool area of the park is on the other side of where we are standing this morning. police say officers are there now still searching for the weapon used, which was a knife. the 21-year-old victim was stabbed several times by his friends, who used a knife, according to police. the 21-year-old victim, they are not saying his name. they tell me that he was first listed in critical condition but the good news is that he has since been upgraded and he is in stable condition with nonlife threatening injuries. live from san jose, marla tallez, "today in the bay." 5:02. the san francisco district attorney's office wants to find a one-time million of the notorious billionaire boy's club. he is wanted in connection with a deadly accident. he was driving a cab and ran a red light and hit a man crossing the street. he was never charged due to lack of evidence. he belonged to a group of investment swindlers known as
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the billionaires boy club. the group was sentenced to life in prison for killing his father in the 1980s. his conviction was overturned on appeal and he was freed. three men are in the south bay jail accused of going on a burglary spree in morgan hill. steven gifford thomas sanfilippo and 27 years jacob kaiser were arrested on suspicion of stolen property. there was a rash of home burglaries. while patrolling the area, an officer saw the three men acting suspiciously. they were detained and further investigation led police to jewelry, drugs and a handgun. police say the jewelry was stolen from homes in morgan hill. a message from the chp in the weak ofwake of a deadly lim
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fire. police are asking not to place memorial items on the bridge. it could cause driving hazards. five women died and four others and the driver did manage to escape. jasmine desguia was released yesterday. nellie ariano was released earlier this week. 40-year-old amelia loyola is still in the hospital, listed in fair condition. mary guiardo is at stanford medical, her condition unknown we have a new cop cop after chief, howard jordan, announced he is stepping down for medical reasons. the timing is causing some to wonder if something else influenced his decision. christie smith joins us live with a new report on the department. >> reporter: oakland city leaders say they were completely stunned by this. oakland's top cop, howard jordan, after just 19 months on
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the job, announced he was stepping down for medical reasons. in a couple of hours, the acting police chief, anthony teribio, is expected to release new information. jordan decided an undisclosed medical condition. it comes in the midst of mounting criticism of the oakland police department as a whole. the federal compliance director issued a scathing report saying the supervisor failed to properly investigate officer misconduct. oakland attorney, john burress, is out front trying to implement court-dated mandated reforms 67. he said he expected this. >> at some point in time, unless the chief was able to get up to a proper standard, he would leave. he would be asked to leave or retire. >> that report, critical of jordan and the department, is expected to be release.
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nbc bay area has obtained a copy and suggests a complete restructuring. it is saying that burglaries are not investigating with only one part-time investigator assigned to at least 10,000 burglaries last year. jordan says he wasn't forced out at all. this is really about his health. reporting live in the east bay, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christie. let's check in with christina loren to find out what our foggy forecast looks like z it doesn't look that good for now. it is going to improve just like yesterday. we will see the sky completely clear. beautiful day shaping up, specially, because you can give your a.c. a break just about everywhere. now that we are in the month of may, getting into mid-may, that time of year when we start to heat up. today, enjoy the 70s. cool air, a strong onshore flow. all the cities reporting winds out of the west. that's going to continue.
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everywhere around the inner bay is going to stay cool. kind of cool in san francisco. only topping out in the low 60s. not too bad. the further inland you live, the warmer it will be. we are expecting the highest readings from the east bay. you can see that from the east bay. 78 degrees in antioch, versus 63 in san francisco. it is the time of year when we start to see significant separation in our micro climates across the bay area. this is where we are headed. 73 for livermore, today, 70, fremont. 60 in san francisco. stick around. mother's day just around the corner. a couple great places where you can take her weatherwise across the bay area coming up. 5:07. first, find out if there are any problems with the fog with mike inouye. >> none reported by chp. we are watching for the effects of that. that changes over the course of the morning. we are looking at the the golden gate bridge. not a lot of fog. an issue with the digital feed. that's okay now. you have your two northbound lanes. the commute is southbound. a few head lights.
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the map shows you a smooth drive out of the north bay and in toward the city of salsa lito. the overnight crews are clearing without any slowing. we are looking at a nice easy drive across the bay bridge. we'll talk about road crews coming up in a second. over in orinda, bear creek road, an earlier crash. they are investigating today is bike to work today. everybody, keep an eye on the roads. there will be a lot of bikes out in those lanes. as you are driving, take extra care to watch out for the two-wheelers. you can participate even if your commute takes you across the bay. the san francisco bay fairy giving free rides to passengers
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with bikes. >> the dome has been demolished. new video into our newsroom. crews dismantled a 46-year-old dome movie theater to make way for a sporting goods store. now, some people in the south bay are concerned there cob a similar fate in store for the iconic winchester theaters across the street from santana row. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live. residents are stepping up to try to save the domes. good morning. preservationists are worried that these dome theaters could be next in line with the wrecking crew. they have started an online petition to try and persuade the city of san jose to declare the cineplex a historic landmark. the city has made it clear they would like to see this 11-acre piece of property developed with a mix of retail and housing.
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they have argued this would add more traffic to the area. moviegoers would only be left with the cine arch theater. these have been here for many years. people grew up at these theatres. so far, only 28 people have signed this online petition. 4,000 people signed the petition in pleasant hill. that was not enough to convince the town city council to appear. they tore do you know that cinedome to make room for a dix sporting goods. >> kind of reminds me of that song, they paved paradise and put in a parking lot. the stones rock 'n roll into the south bay with special guests. we will tell you how they rocked that shark tank coming up. a california baseball team
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comes to the rescue of a girl stuck under a car. their quick action being credited for saving her life. tesla hitting a home run with its first-ever profit. we will take a look at the good news coming up in business.
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this just into our newsroom. a live look at courtroom in cleveland ohio where the man who kidnapped three women and held them kak ticaptive for ten year plake his appearance. we are just getting news his brothers, pedro and onil, will also appear in court facing unrelated charges. they were arrested on monday, the very same time at ariel. police do not think the two menu about the brother's captives nick and the boys getting plenty of satisfaction in san jose last night. ♪
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rolling stones have their second bay area show rocking the oracle arena sunday and last night. a number of special guests joined the stars, including john fogerty. formerly of creeden's revival. >> if i have one-fifth his energy at 70, i'm going to be dangerous. 5:14. >> tesla making good on its promise. scott mcgrew, they crushed it with the financial report. i supposed bar was set pretty low when it comes to electric car companies, all you need to do these days, not go bankrupt and you are setting a new record. even $1 in profit in electric car standards, pretty amazing. tesla said it made $15 million in profit over the past quarter. more importantly, thoerks weugh some metrics. the cost of making a model "s," tesla way down.
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working the kinks out of making cars. making far more than originally predicted. good news all around. the ceo of chinese telecom would you way is speaking out. they are the second largest networking company in the world they have been accused by everyone from the federal government to 60 minutes of being a front for chinese spying. the ceo up until now had never spoken on camera ever. denied all those charges. the ceo made that unexpected announcement in of all places, in you zeeland. we do have video of see ma seema mody. new highs on wednesday. the dow, s&p 500, the dow transport and the russell 2000 indexes are all at record highs.
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we get data on the trade. the dow closing at 15,105. t the nasdaq, up 11 a. wrigley is pulling off their caffeinated gum. one stick has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. back to you. san francisco's yelp fighting a lawsuit trying to prevent a carpet cleaning company from learning the identities of those that gave them bad ratings. it says they have to turn over seven names. yep p hasn't done it. a public citizen got involved arguing that the carpet company ought to at least prove it is not a bad carpet cleaner before suing anyone, for saying it is a bad carpet cleaner, which doesn't seen unreasonable. >> no kidding. work on your carpet cleaning
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skills first. >> yelp has become such a major go-to. a little fog. we are going to get into a nice day. >> it is going to be a nice day. that fog is cooling for us. that natural a.c. we love that. 5:17 now. good morning to you. thursday, you made it. we have a good-looking day shaping up. you don't have to use your a.c. similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. although, we are going to see the sunshine breakthrough. plenty of low clouds to start the day through your inland valleys. keep that in mind. you might encounter dense pockets of fog, specially at the 500-foot level. it compresses moisture and forces it to the surface. that's how we lose the visibility, reduced visabilities are expected as we head through the next couple of hours. right now, looking through pretty good. 73 in livermore. 70, fremont. 68 in oakland. what i can tell you, we have a significant warmup headed our way. you want to get out there and
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enjoy the day if you are looking for the cooler weather. by this weekend, back in the 80s. temperatures are going to remain on the warm side all weekend long. that's good news. you want to take mom to the beach this year, 70 degrees in places like half moon bay. can't be beat. as we head throughout this weekend, temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable. we will have a great start on monday. mild temps, then, look at what happens. tuesday into wednesday. we get another chance for rain. that's the good news. we want that rain. it helps to keep the fire conditions a little bit better off. it helps to clear out the pollen and our air quality. that's the good news. giants forecast coming up next. first, want to see what mike has for us on a thursday morning. >> on a thursday morning, or pretty much any morning, we are looking to highway 4 for slowing. speeds coming in towards 40 miles per hour as you are heading over through antioch, clearing by the time you get to
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lover ridge, pittsburg and bay point. that's usually the heavy flow of traffic we see. we have an earlier crash along north livermore. maybe another one along the stretch towards isabelle. both sound like all the activity is off to the shoulder. it took a few minutes to clear. that is your commute direction kicking in. the area is slow heading over towards isabelle. slow because of the typical morning commute. look at the build coming out of the altamont pass. this keeps things clearer over towards the dublin interchange. we will track this to see how it interrupts the flow. we are looking over toward fremont and northbound out of mill pedis. a little bit of slowing. the rest of the south bay moves smoothly. a quick look at the peninsula. no problems for 101. back to you. we could get new details on
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a human head that turned up in a pile of debris in oakland. workers at at recycling company on tenth street made that gruesome discovery yesterday. police say it is a mum i phied skull. the city's major crimes unit is trying to figure out how the skull got there and who it belongs to. they are looking for other possible body parts. at 5:20, a preview of a full investigative report. it started as a routine meeting between a college student and her professor. a discussion about a grade that ended up with kissing and touching inside the professor's office. tonight, they question why a major south bay university did not discipline the professor who admitted to crossing the line with one of his students t was a two-hour meeting up those stairs behind closed doors in this campus building. >> coming closer to me and my body just completely shut down.
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he continued to touch me and try to talk about the way that i can better my grade. >> tonight, at 11:00, investigative reporter takes you inside a betrayal of trust. a student and her professor, a request to change a grade in a major university. the controversial decision not to discipline a professor. 5:21. some cra some sacramento bay area baseball players that save a girl from underneath a car. a student being dropped off for an afterschool program was trapped beneath her mother's car. the players say instinct took over. they jumped into acting lifting the sedan to free the girl. >> did it feel heavy? >> no. >> those muscles kick in.
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sacramento police say the girl's mother put the car in reverse and accidentally backed over her daughter. she suffered injuries to her face and arm but she is expected to be okay. thank goodness those ball players were in the vicinity and able to jump in there. >> 5:22. coming up. ever wonder why your husband can't hear your crying baby? >> i know why. >> there is actually research behind it to prove it is not his fault.
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wowway, i. welcome back, 5:24. breast cancer patients with strong social connections have a better overall quality of life. those with the largest social
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networks and close personal relationships were more likely to have a better emotional and physical quality of life than those with little social interaction. >> you and i have been talking about this one. researchers say when a mantells you, no, he can't hear a crying baby, he is likely telling the truth when it comes to crying. only women's brains appear to respond to the whales of a fussy baby, specially late at night. researchers played a recording of white noise along with occasional sounds of a crying infant for a group of men and women. brain scans showed that when they heard the cry, men's brains stayed in a resting state. women's brains admittedly switched to an attentive mode. when we are sitting there snoring, hugging that pillow, it is not our fault we can't get up and change the diaper. >> i want to know who did that study? >> a bunch of guys. >> in a room with cigars. >> a couple of beers.
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>> not with three. then, he will get the elbow. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. as you are getting the little ones dressed for school, you want to dress them for a cool day. temperatures mostly in the 50s. not expecting many of these cities to fall in the upper 40s. the only city on the map is novato at 48 degrees. your full forecast is just a few moments away. 5:26. first, want to see what the drive is looking like with mike inouye. looking at the foster city side of the san mateo bridge, things across the bay are fine. we will look at the maps. we don't see any slowing. the censors are okay at the interchange. a little slow heading over the hill. a light volume of traffic. the dumbarton bridge shows some slowing. west 580 into livermore, crashes are approaching airway.
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look at the slowdown coming out of the altamont pass. facebook branching out. the new moves by the company to try and draw more users. the facebook phone not doing so hot. scott mcgrew will have all the details next. >> we will tell you about a yard to yard search for a suspect in a normally quiet south bay neighborhood. people waking up to police can activity. a live report coming your way.
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a special hearing on capitol hill will start in moments. congress looking at how police handled the moments and days after the boston bombing. what they are calling on the federal government to do. >> is there any other reason he would be demoted or transferred? >> no. >> our investigative unit looks into a so-called culture of fear at the santa clara counselky's d.a. office. get ready for another beautiful day in the bay area.
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we are headed toward the low to mid-70s. we heat you up. your full forecast in just a few moments. a smooth drive right now across the bay. we have big slowing, early slowing, for your tri-valley. we will show you what's going on over the bay bridge. >> a beautiful shot from san francisco. live on thursday, may 9th. this is "today in the bay." 5:30 on the nose. good morning. thank you for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news out of cleveland, ohio this morning, where ariel castro will appear in court this morning. this is a live look from the courtroom this morning. ariel castro, accused of kidnapping three women, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight, holding these girls
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captive for more than ten years. >> his two brothers, pedro and onil castro, they are set to appear in court prior to him getting there. we have pictures of them getting set to enter this courtroom. we will keep you posted on this. they are in court right now on separate charges. police don't believe they haven't figured out any information that tied them to the actual kidnapping of the three women being held. ariel castro who will be in court will face those charges, including rape. we will have more including monitoring this breaking news in cleveland, ohio. there is also breaking news happening in san jose where police are investigating an early morning stabbing near doerr park. the search lasted hours near kurtner and lee avenue. marla tallez live at the scene with an update. >> reporter: good morning. san jose police took this 20-year-old suspect into custody an. they found him inside doerr
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park. earlier, police had doerr completely surrounded with patrol cars as they searched for the guy that allegedly stabbed his own friend several times with a life. that's when the 911 call came in. police say the stabbing happened at a home on custard drive. the lieutenant on scene tells me it was actually a 21st birthday party for the man who was stabbed. a house party that obviously an altercation or a fight broke out. he stabbed the victim multiple times and fled the area. we got information that he came over here to doerr park. we set a perimeter around the park and checked on the victim who has had pretty serious injuries. luckily, now, they are not life threatening. we had two things going on. a transport to the hospital trying to figure that out. we have a suspect on the loose out here in the park area of the neighborhood. the suspect has been identified as 20-year-old peter
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brunetto. when police arrived on scene, the man who was stabbed was already gone. he was taken to the hospital by one of his other buddies. he was self-transported to the hospital. he was first listed in critical condition but is doing much better now. police say he is recovering and he will be okay. just a couple of minutes ago, i spoke to a man who lives right across the street. he was so surprised to see all the commotion. he asked me what happened. when i told him, he was definitely shocked. he said, this is a very quiet, safe neighborhood. live in san jose, marla tallez, "today in the bay." new this morning, facebook reportedly in talk to make some kind of major purchase. the menlo park company struggling to stay relevant in the everchanging tech industry. scott mcgrew has a look at the possible deal plus the new trouble facing facebook. >> we know the very first thing people do, a lot of them, is check facebook in the morning. it would appear the company is taking advantage of that fact as it is reportedly in touch with
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the traffic reporting company, waves. here is the ceo of waves in this video. tee dales of the deal, if it goes through. facebook would be willing to pay the founder $1 billion in cash and stock. they use crowd power to create traffic reports. our friends at abc 7 use it as well. $1 billion seems staggering. mark zuckerberg offered $1 billion to the founder of instagram and didn't check with his facebook board before doing it. facebook wants to, needs to stay relevant in the world of more mobile devices and waze might be a way to do that. the other attempt to get more mobile may not be working out. you remember the so-called facebook phone, the hct phone called one. it runs the special facebook software called home. at&t dropped the price of the one from $99 to 99 cents with a
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contract. the phone has only been on the market a couple of weeks. just about any new android phone will run that home app. it is possible people just wanted to buy other phones and not the one. it is, jon and laura, a bad sign, when your phone goes from $99 on sale to 99 cents. >> that means they are hurting right there. they are not giving them away. thanks a lot. we will check back with you a little later on. 5:35 right now. a follow-up to a story our investigative unit first broke. more controversy surrounding santa clara district attorney, jeff rosen. the union representing lead attorney, jim sibley, voted to file a green advance with the county late last night, claiming the d.a. retaliated against sibley for speaking out against altered time sheets. the 46-page grievance comes a month after our investigative unit exposed d.a. rosen ordered time sheets to be altered to give free time off.
5:36 am
he says he sent the letters to rosen asking not to receive the time off. he got it anyway. after two decades at the d.a.'s office and 2 1/2 years as lead attorney, sibley has been demoted. come monday, he will be transferred to palo alto. sibley, who lives in santa cruz, has a 14-year-old son with awe tim. he says moving to palo alto means he will spend three hours commuting to and from work and that will take time away from his family. he claims the move is to, quote, make him pay the price for telling the truth. >> the atmosphere within the d.a.'s office over the last two years has been essentially a culture of fear. you go with what the administration is planning or you are going to pay the price for it. >> labor relations will now conduct an investigation into why sibley was demoted and transferred. the district attorney says his claim is an unfortunate and false allegation. he says attorneys have regularl moved within the three office locations at his discretion.
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>> we have already seen wildfires break out near los angeles and in the north bay and now south bay officials want to make sure we don't see similar problems here. the city of san jose has more than 400 lots and open areas covering tall, dry weeds. the city does have a six-inch rule meaning no weeds can be taller than six inches. anything more than that is considered a fire hazard. the city contacting the owner of this 44-acre lot on north first and component drive and gave him ten days to cut down all the tall weeds. >> to respond in the ten-daytime frame. >> we then can issue a citation to the property owner for upwards of $1,000? >> reporter: per day? >> correct. >> to make sure they can enforce, they conduct monthly checks on all empty lots to make sure they are being maintained. >> it can be a tough fire
5:38 am
danger, specially with increasing temperatures. let's check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. >> we have a pretty good onshore flow for today. our elevated fire danger last week, not so much of a factor. we are going to warm up for the weekend. showers on your seven-day forecast 53, to start the day in san francisco. 51, napa. around the inner bay or the coast, pull out that jacket. it will be on the cool side, specially for this time of year, 54 to start. san jose, known as the capital of silicon valley. great-looking day in san jose. we will take you through your hour by hour detail. noon, 59, inland, 73 as you round out the day. not too bad, not too warm. kind of what i like to call sweater weather. those giants are back at it. they will be taking on the braves 7:15 this evening. you can catch that game on our sister station, comcast sports net bay area. it is going to be chilly out there. wind will play a factor taking that ball out to center field. out of the west, 10-15 miles per
5:39 am
hour. make sure you are ready for a cool evening out at the yard. let's see how we are doing on the rhodes. mike inouye, you are looking pretty busy clouds hovering over the north bay. an easy drive in towards san francisco. the bay bridge, we will show you the backup at the toll plaza. a few cars into approaching the toll plaza. still early for the metering lights, another half hour those are turned on being a thursday. we will show you through the area, the eastshore freeway. still tracking this. this is a darker area.
5:40 am
your commute direction toward 980. reports of a car in your middle lane. it sounds like chp should be able to clear it without an issue. a little bit of a warning. you might find slowing there for west 580 coming out of oakland. west 580 through livermore. a big slowing. the earlier crash has cleared around the area. slow at south 84 heading down through livermore approaching val asee toes. things smoothing out after the crash cleared. the build is on coming out of the tri-valley. the first not showing any major effect. we will track it. >> you can see a pretty good live look outside of the bay bridge. the warriors talking about increasing that view by putting an arena on the san francisco side of the bridge on piers 30 and 32. today, san francisco planning commission will get an updated xñ=a=m for the warriors waterfront arena. among the changes, a reduction of the height of the original building and a reduction in the
5:41 am
number of parking spaces around the arena. speaking of the warriors, the curse in san antonio, over. they upped the playoff series against the spurs. they win for the if ifirst time 1991. steph curry and thompson lead. thompson was on fire. hitting 8 of 9 three-pointers. that's called stroking the magic. warriors win, 100-91. they return to the bay area to get ready for game three at oracle arena tomorrow night. hoping for more of the same. i'll tell you, steph curry and klay thompson, they have some of the most beautiful shots. >> 5:41. hearing on the boston bombings expected to start in a few minutes. the founder of a well-known fashion line dies. we will tell you what his family
5:42 am
is saying about his passing.
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welcome back, 5:44. the first of what likely will be several congressional hearings on the boston bombings will begin. lawmakers say they want to get to the bottom of how it started and how it ended. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with more. good morning. good morning, laura. good morning, everyone. 15 minutes from now, the hearing should start. we will be hearing from boston's police commissioner, ed davis. they will find out whether boston authorities will take a look at tamerlan tsarnaev.
5:45 am
they had concerns from the russian authorities about him. the question today, did that get translated to the authorities right there in the community? also, they want to take a look at how this investigation went after the fact, the capture of these suspects, the chase, the shootout, whether it was as efficient as it could have been. president obama has said it is too soon to say that the fbi dropped the ball. janet napolitano of home security said what they knew at the time they acted on. you can never know everything. finally, tsarnaev's wife, catherine russell, has hired a criminal defense attorney. she is not facing any charges. she has cleared a dna test. no dna of hers on those bomb fragments they found. still, she has hired a criminal defense attorney to help her through this. the fbi still taking a close look at what she may, if anything, may have known. back to you. thank you very much, tracie potts, live from washington. this just in. the man accused of kidnapping through he ohio women and
5:46 am
holding them captive for ten years has just made his very first court appearance. ariel castro facingmey seven fey counts including rape and kidnapping. a judge ruling he will be held on $4 million bond. $2 million for the rape charges and $2 million for the kidnapping charges. he kept three women chained in the basement of his home for ten years. we can also tell you, his brothers, pedro and onil, appeared in court on separate and minor charges. police don't think either of those menu about their brothers captives. the women involved, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight working with investigators. berry and dejesus are out of the hospital and back with their families. knight remains in the hospital being treated. we are told she is in good condition. new this morning, noted fashion designer, octavio missoni has died. he was a founder of the italian
5:47 am
fashion company known for its popular zigzag pattern knit wear. designs have been worn by madonna and jennifer lopez. they made headlines in 2011 when they partnered with target to release a line of products that sold out so quickly, within hours. a statement said he died peacefully at his home in italy, 92 years old. the demolition of a dome movie theater in the east bay is created concern in the south bay. people there worried a similar fate could be in store for the iconic winchester theaters in san jose. bob redell joins us live about how the residents are stepping in and stepping up to try and save the dome. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. they have reasons to be worried. san jose city has said they would like this 11 1/2 acre piece of property, they made it clear they would like to see
5:48 am
this land eventually develop for mixed use, a mix of housing and retail, which means these three dome theaters behind me would have to be torn down. they are dome theaters that have been here for almost 50 years. you have a group of preservationists that say they don't want to see it happen. they believe more development will clog an area already clogged bishopers going to santana road and add a lot of traffic on winchester and stevens creek. then, they have the issue of nostalgic. the theaters have been here for close to a half century. many grew up going to see movies here. butch caddssidy and the sundanc kid. they have concerns about preserving a piece of san jose history. they started an online petition. they are trying to force or persuade the city to designate these theaters on winchester boulevard as a historic landmark and, in effect, preserve them
5:49 am
and keep them from being taken down. so far, that online petition has only garnered 28 signatures. i bring that up to show that there is clearly not a tremendous amount of sport, at least not as of yet. compare that to the sport there was in pleasant hill for the cinedome structure that was taken down yesterday had 4,000 people sign their names to a petition. that did not do the trick. there was some back and forth. people protesting. finally, earlier this week, the pleasant hill city council said to go forward and gave permission to the developer to tear down the complex which they did yesterday to make room for what will eventually be a dick's sporting goods store. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> you see the sun coming up there behind him making way for a pleasant day. >> pleasant day. comfortable out there. you can give your a.c. a break yet again. i kind of enjoyed the cooldown.
5:50 am
my pets certainly have. 5:39. if you wanted to take the pets outdoors. it will be a little warm. we will see the 70s this weekend. this morning's onshore flow is fully in effect. you can see all these cities reporting wind out of the west. that is a steady onshore flow. that cool pacific air is moving inland. winds are rather strong in placeings like novato. temperatures aren't too cold. you will probably want to pull out a jacket. 49 to start the day in sonoma. 53 in beautiful san francisco. 54 for livermore. 55 degrees in sunnyvale. we are getting more towards the norm for this time of year. may gray has returned. as a result, though, of our dry pattern we are going to be seeing as we head to the next couple of days, high pressure building in. our allergy forecast starting to
5:51 am
see this decline quite a bit. we are going to see the high range for some of your more prominent allergies as we head throughout the day, today and tomorrow. high pressure moves in. it is going to be dry out here. we are not going to see as much fog as we head out through the next couple of days. pollen levels are going to be high. as we head throughout next week with a chance of showers, i think we are going to see lower levels and we need that rain at this point when it comes to our fire season. we don't want any additional growth, so to say. we do want all the moisture coming in off the pacific. not expecting a whole lot of rain. lelts talk to mike about your drive. >> folks, we are taking you out to san jose where we are looking at a build at north 101 at 680. i was looking through this shot. over from our traffic partners, we have a report of a crash somewhere around this interchange. i have marked it on the map anyway. we are looking over toward the maps of the south bay. you do see at 681, a slowing
5:52 am
northbound. we saw it starting to peek in now. no other problems. monterrey highway shows a little volume increase. the big deal over here, the tri-valley, early crashes heading in through livermore. they have since cleared. look at the slowing heading in. west 580, we had some slowing. the bay bridge, we will get a check of that. it is 5:52 right now. coming up, making it official by buttoning this one up. the new 49ers stadium about to officially become the field of jeans. >> the brotherhood of the traveling pants mortgage fraud, good news, the check is in the mail. it is not the right check but it is in the mail. business is ahead. ♪ if loving you is wrong
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5:55 am
welcome back, everyone. good thursday morning to you. a vote tonight will give the 49ers new santa clara stadium an official name. special meeting of the stadium authority will give exclusive names rights to levi straus and company. they plan to name the stadium levi stadium. niners held a big celebration at levi straus headquarters in san francisco yesterday. vernon davis, jim harbaugh, others dressed in 501s for that iconic big day. iconic company. they are paying the team $220 million over 20 years for the naming rights. a nice bond for the bay area. >> looks like the guys got some free jeans. you ma i soon be able to buy your jeans at two different kinds of jcpenney's. scott mcgrew says it is possible the company may split its stores in two. jcpenney was in the middle of a massive renovation under ron johnson.
5:56 am
he wanted lighter, cleaner, less-crowded stores to appear to a younger customer base. the customers hated the change. there was so much dislike for the new stores and clothing line and prices. they fired their ceo. now, they are stuck. half new stores, half old stores. there is speculation penny's will split into two brands the way the gap and old navy does. japan's ana airlines say they will resume flights between san jose around tokyo on june 1st considering changes that would free up more satellite to send high-speed internet to the planes. virgin america, the first airline to offer wi-fi on every single plane. back to you. scott, thank you very much for the update. 5:56 right now. >> a south bay neighborhood on edge this morning as police went yard to yard searching for a stabbing suspect. marla tallez on the scene. she will join us for the latest
5:57 am
details coming up. plus, oakland's top cop stepping down. we will tell you why he is handing in his badge.
5:58 am
5:59 am
flashing lights. crime scene tape. the overnight stabbing that sent police searching yard to yard. plus, how much did the fbi know about the boston bombing suspects before those deadly blasts went off? how much did they share? the tough questions on capitol hill coming up. from decision to demolition, in the span of one day. we will tell you why the wrecking ball moved so quickly to clear out an iconic dome in the east bay and why the south bay might be next. >> mother nature, full
6:00 am
air-conditioning. full decks of clouds inland. that sun will breakthrough soon. we have your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. i've been telling you about the east bay backups we are following as the commute builds. a crash on the peninsula could mean issues for 101. >> sounds like another beautiful day in the neighborhood. we give you a live look at the gorgeous bay bridge. very close to the weekend. thursday, may 9th. "today in the bay." it is 6:00. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in san jose where police just took a stabbing suspect into custody this morning accused of attacking a 21-year-old man at his ownc;ñ birthday party. "today in the bay's" marla tallez live at the scene where she spoke to neighbors about the arrest and the yard to yard


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